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Electric Pallet Stacker CDD12

Configuration and Performance ● Electronic power steering system, light and low noise. ● Drive unit floating bodies with patent design. ● Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode. ● AC Driving system, No carbon brush, maintenance free. ● USA CURTIS driving controller. ● Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system. ● Automatic lifting limit, proximity switch, long life. Safety ● Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe. ● Vehicle decelerates automatically at higher position. ● Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet. ● Controller with Multiple automatic protection. ● Emergency reversing device and Emergency brake switch. ● High position automatic reduction device.

Configuration number030
TypeFork over
Mast typeStandard 2-Stage
Operator typeWalkie / Stand on
Load Capacitykg1200
Load Centermm600
Standard lift heightmm2000/2500/3000/3300/3600/4000
Fork size(length/width/thickness)mm1150/185/55
Overall lengthmm1993/2413
Overall widthmm812
Drive motorKWAC1.5
Lift motorKWDC3
Steering motorKWDC0.15
Battery (voltage/capacity)V/Ah24/210